Custom technology solutions when you need it!

Manged Services

Monthly Services to help your technology last longer and get you a high rate of return. Cloud, Network, Printer, Desktop, Apple.....


In case of an emergency like malware or viruses or maybe you just don't need help every month, but every 6 months. Either way, we are here for you.

Virtual CIO

Let us manage your IT services, licenses, and vendors. We support you virtually and make sure the direction you are headed is where you want to go.

Seth Keddy, Owner

I have lived in NWA for 10 Years. I was in the Active duty Army, I worked for the federal Government and Walmart. Then I switched to small business, since then I have supported over 100 Small business in NWA. Now instead of working for someone else I am working for me. I have started a small business to give back to my community and fix what I found wrong with the MSP landscape. The outcome will be you get the benefit of my experience and integrity.