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We understand that your business is dependent on technology – you can’t operate without it and we’re here to help.

If you’re looking for fast response times, a U.S. based help desk, and access to a wide range of technology expertise, you’ve come to the right place.

Scroll on to read more about how QuikTek delivers proactive technology services to businesses across the U.S. who are looking to grow and succeed based on cutting edge technologies!


$800 monthly 


$1000 monthly 


$1400 monthly 


$1600 monthly 

*Each plan covers one server, twenty workstation seats and twenty

 mobile devices.

Managed IT Help Desk Bronze

Many service providers guarantee that your call will be answered promptly—but by whom? At QuikTek, we offer a US-based service desk that is staffed with trained technicians (not call agents) who solve most problems on-demand. We also let you “self-triage” your problem, which means you can call in for any problem—no matter how big or how small. IT help desk solutions are a big benefit of IT service providers, so make sure you're getting industry-leading managed services! 

Bronze 8am-5pm M-F excluding holidays

Silver/Gold 7am-7pm M-Sat excluding holidays

Platinum 24hrs Sun-Sat and holidays

Remote IT Support Bronze

The most common tech support solutions needed are end-user issues, such as inability to connect to the internet, a slow or "frozen" computer, lost passwords, inability to print, or difficulty logging in. We can solve these IT problems remotely using cloud-based tools that allow full access to your network and systems. QuikTek remote support technology services includes installation of software, cloud services, advanced troubleshooting and repairs of applications, and more—cost-effectively keeping your staff up and running. 

Managed IT on-Site Support Silver

With the growing popularity of cloud-based services, many IT support tasks are done remotely. But there are still issues where on-site IT solutions are either desired or required. QuikTek always sends a technician to your site for problems we cannot solve remotely. We also offer regularly scheduled on-premises services. Talk to us about our on-site support plans to see which one is best suited for your needs. 

Bronze/Silver 8am-5pm M-F excluding holidays

Gold 7am-7pm M-Sat excluding holidays

Platinum 24hrs Sun-Sat and holidays

Server and Computer Management Silver

One of the most important ways service providers can protect your business from cyberattacks is to keep your software and operating systems up to date. Failure to do so means you not only miss out on new features, you also open the door wide to hackers who look for companies that haven’t bothered with the latest security updates. If you lack the staff to manage your IT infrastructure this on a regular basis, QuikTek will take over responsibility for this critical task to ensure business continuity with automated software updates, patch solutions, and security updates, including antivirus and antispam. 

Managed IT Procurement Silver/Gold

Evaluating, purchasing, and installing IT hardware and software is a time-consuming process. QuikTek has the knowledge and skills to help you determine the right cost-effective licensing agreements and hardware for your business. We manage the procurement process end to end—from installing, maintaining, and upgrading your systems, through to retiring old hardware. Our managed service solutions also allow for better pricing thanks to our bulk-buying power and our direct relationships with many key distributors. 

Silver  = 5% off MSRP

Gold  = Wholesale Price

Network Monitoring and Management Gold

Want to keep your IT environment running at top operational performance? QuikTek provides around-the-clock monitoring and management of all the components in your network, including routers, firewalls, and switches. Our automated systems efficiently detect and report failures of devices and connections as we proactively monitor and optimize your computers, servers, and other network elements. 

Microsoft 365 Basic Email Gold

We throw in Office 365 Basic and secure it for you!

Managed Cybersecurity Services Any Platinum Service

Security is a huge concern for every business, but very few organizations have the resources to effectively combat cyber threats and attacks. Access to sophisticated, 24/7 cybersecurity protection is one of the top reasons businesses hire Managed IT Service Providers. Click here to learn more about the business value in Quiktek’s Managed Security Services. 

Backup and Disaster Recovery Any Platinum Service

Today’s businesses are creating more data than ever before, and protecting that data is a priority. This calls for a robust data backup and disaster recovery solution that forms the foundation for business continuity. Your data backup and disaster recovery system is one of the most important investments for protecting your company. QuikTek helps you choose, deploy and manage the backup and recovery solution that’s best for your business. We offer multiple options that will meet your backup and recovery needs. 

Employee On-boarding and Off-boarding Ad-Hoc

At QuikTek, we pride ourselves on delivering an excellent customer experience from day one—and our comprehensive onboarding process is a key part of this experience. Our onboarding process consists of four phases: Service Definition, Data Collection, Internal Information Review, and Orientation Meeting and Service Handoff. 

Employee Cyber Security Training Ad-Hoc

Co-Managed IT Services Ad-Hoc

QuikTek’s Co-managed IT services provide you with the flexibility to add resources when and where you need them most. We start out by working with your team to draft a strategic plan that identifies your strengths and weaknesses, and jointly come up with a proposal that will help you and your IT team become vastly more efficient by filling those gaps.